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Practice Area Overview


Our firm offers a wide range of legal services to individuals, insurance companies and businesses throughout Missouri and Illinois. We have successfully represented clients against some of the largest corporations, insurance companies and defense firms in the U.S.


Our Practice areas include:


Why You Should Choose The Law Office Of Timothy J Phillips…


There are so many reasons why you should choose The Law Office Of Timothy J Phillips to stand up for your rights. Meet with us for a complimentary consultation and you will see why so many Missouri and Illinois residents trust us to handle delicate personal injury cases.


A few reasons to choose us:


We have years of experience helping Missouri and Illinois residents with their personal injury claims. From auto accidents to defective drugs and wrongful death claims The Law Office Of Timothy J Phillips helps lead the fight for Missouri and Illinois families in their personal injury claims.


Our attorneys have undergone extensive education and training. We are knowledgeable, and we know how to put the law to work for our clients.


Our case results speak for themselves. We have helped thousands of Missouri and Illinois residents get the financial compensation they need to recover from an injury and put their lives back together.

Caring Approach

We recognize the vulnerability or our injured clients, and we believe that kindness and compassion are the keys to helping you through a difficult time.


Your initial legal consultation is completely free of charge, and we work on contingency – which means we do not get paid unless you do!

Personal Attention

Our attorneys are committed to one-on-one time with each client. We know that our clients needs extend well beyond a typical work day, and we are willing to go the extra mile to build the strongest case possible. We will come to your home, hospital or office, whatever is most convenient for you.


We make ourselves accessible to our clients and attentive to your family’s needs.

Legal Strategy

We work together with common goals to develop a strategic, intelligent plan to win your case.


Our attorneys use countless legal resources to help our clients achieve success. Experts, investigators and researchers come together to create a strong legal team for each client.


The Law Office Of Timothy J Phillips have extensive courtroom experience and are not afraid to take your case to great lengths and use all resources necessary to achieve a successful result for you.


Do not settle for less than fair compensation!

Contact The Law Office of Timothy J Phillips for your free legal consultation.



Defective Dolly Injures Client

Practice Area: Products Liability
Description: Mr. Phillips obtained a $2.5 million dollar settlement from the manufacturer of a dolly based on the theory that the dolly was defectively designed. The settlement was reached after 27 depositions were taken and six expert witnesses were retained on behalf of the injured worker.
Outcome: $2.5 Million Settlement

Defective Product/Medical Malpractice Injures Baby

Practice Area: Medical Malpractice
Description: Mr. Phillips obtained a $1.2 million recovery on behalf of a mother who was improperly prescribed drugs which were contra-indicated resulting in an injured baby.
Outcome: $1.2 million settlement

Defective Fire Extinguisher Injures Client

Practice Area: Products Liability
Description: Mr. Phillips recovered $880,000 for a client who was injured when a fire extinguisher malfunctioned.
Outcome: $880,000 settlement

Negligent Mobile Home Driver Injures Client

Practice Area: Auto Accident
Description: Mr. Phillips recovered policy limits of $300,000 for a client suffering leg injuries when the vehicle he was driving was struck by a mobile home.
Outcome: $300,000 (policy limits) settlement

Negligent Driver Injures Client

Practice Area: Auto Accident
Description: Mr. Phillips recovered policy limits of $200,000 for his Client whose hand was injured in an automobile accident in Franklin County.
Outcome: $200,000 (policy limits) settlement

Minor's Mother and Father Die in Auto Accident

Practice Area: Wrongful Death/Auto Accident
Description: A drunk driver caused an accident killing Client's mother and father resulting in a policy limits structured settlement totaling $1.15 million.
Outcome: $1.15 million (policy limits) structured settlement

Deer Stand Fall Results in Settlement

Practice Area: Personal Injury
Description: Mr. Phillips recovers $700,000 for Client injured falling out of deer stand. Case was prosecuted in federal court against manufacturers of products which Client inhaled months prior to fall.
Outcome: $700,000 settlement

Workers Compensation Settlement

Practice Area: Workers Compensation
Description: Mr. Phillips recovers $151,000 for a Client from her employer for a back injury she sustained on the job.
Outcome: $151,000 settlement

Fall Down at Banquet Center Results in Settlement

Practice Area: Premises Liability
Description: Mr. Phillips recovers $125,000 for a Client who injured her shoulder when she fell on a dance floor at a banquet center.
Outcome: $125,000 settlement

Policy Limits Wrongful Death Settlement

Practice Area: Wrongful death/Auto Accident
Description: Mr. Phillips recovers Policy Limit settlement of $50,000 for the mother and father of a woman who died in a crossover automobile accident.
Outcome: $50,000 (policy limits) settlement


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